If you’re looking for electric vehicle charging stations in Darien, Georgia, then breathe easy. Monumental Ford has plenty of spaces that are open to the public, not just dealership use! Don’t worry. We’ll start at the beginning. So, if you’ve recently purchased an EV or a PHEV vehicle, we’ll give you an overview of the process, ensuring you can feel confident about the steps involved. EV charging is easier than you think. You can count on us, no matter what vehicle you drive. We’re all in this together.


We have introduced electric vehicle charging for all makes and models. Electrification is the future for the automotive industry, and we make this transition easy for any motorist to swing by, power up, and get going!

One way or another, electrification is the way to go. This world only has so much petroleum to go around. Not to mention the data on climate change. So, with sustainability in mind for all, we’re partnering with ChargePoint. The world’s largest network of independently owned public charging stations.

How to charge with us:

First things first, come and find us at 10681 Philips HWY, Jacksonville, FL. Our ChargePoint charging stations will be clearly marked. So look out for:

  • A total of four charging stations & four spaces
  • Fees: Our cost to you is $.15/kWh. Depending on what vehicle you drive, you’ll want to keep an eye on your connected services/vehicle charging monitor. If your vehicle isn’t picked up right away, you’ll be charged $1.00 every 15 minutes your vehicle sits unclaimed. Remember, other electrified motorists need that spot, too!

How to start a charging session:

  1. Sign up & get a free card. Sign up here.
  2. Activate your card. When your card comes, simply log in to activate it. Get ChargePoint account help here.
  3. Download the mobile app to start charging now. You can get the mobile app here.
  4. Find the station nearest you. Well, that’s an easy one. You’ll already be here! But if you’re on the go, use the ChargePoint mobile app to find the nearest location. Or use our online map here.
  5. Now that you’re on-site, you’ll tap your ChargePoint card over the reader symbol. Release the charge plug from the cradle, plug in, and bam! Once you’re done, re-tap your card to end the session & return the charge plug to the dock.
  6. Want to see it done? Check out our Charging on the go video.

Join Chargepoint, the world's largest charging network

We make electric vehicle charging stations in Jacksonville, FL, easy to find. Easy to use. Easy to keep in mind as a planned charge destination if you need one. So much is made available to you over the app.

Even if you don’t drive a Mazda model, one of our EV specialists will sit with you in the guest center and review features like the app’s real-time station monitor, charge status notifications, your eco-score, payment management, & more. With over 100,000+ public charging stations, you’re going places with ChargePoint!

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