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YES! We Service RVs and Campers!

If you are driving through Georgia on I-95, Monumental Ford in Darien is your best bet for fast and friendly service. It’s true we are a destination for locals who want fast, friendly, and professional service for their cars and trucks, but did you know we service RVs as well? Visit our shop and get service like a local, even if you are just passing through!

RV Services and Repair to Drivers Along Route 95 and Route 17 Near Darien, GA, Brunswick, and Savannah

In need of some quick and efficient repairs on your RV or camper? Trust in our expertise here at Monumental Ford. We’re not just Ford brand experts here, we’re automotive experts. Get your vacation back on track so you can enjoy the time you took off from work- we know how precious it is!

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Common RV Issues We'll Repair

RVs see a lot of wear and tear. We depend on them to carry us great distances through all forms of weather. Combine that with the sheer amount of electrical parts and moving components required to keep RVs running and you’re looking at a web of possible complications no matter the quality of the vehicle’s build. Here are just a few services we feature here at Monumental Ford to drivers from the Savannah area:

  • Electrical Diagnostics and Repair
  • Tire Repair and Replacements
  • Battery Replacement
  • Tire Rotations 
  • Engine Maintenance and more!

Commended Quality Customer Service to Drivers Passing Through Darien, GA from South Newport and Eulonia

You want the full experience when you visit a dealership. We promise that no matter how busy our dealership is, we’ll give you our full attention, respect, and knowledge to ensure your RV is running properly as it should. Our relaxed yet helpful atmosphere we provide here at our dealership consistently pleases customers near Darien, GA. That’s why they keep coming back!
Count on our sharp-eyed manufacturer trained technicians to get the job done quickly and done right. We only staff the most competent and friendly team members. It’s part of our commitment to our community to make sure we’re providing the best possible all-around experience to anyone who walks onto our showroom floor. It’s good business, and it’s our small way of thanking the faithful residents who keep choosing us as their new and used Ford dealership!

Prime Location for Vacationers in Need of RV Repairs Near Savannah, GA

If you’re cruising the east coast and pass through Savannah, GA, we’re just a short trip further south! We here at Monumental Ford have a vast and varied of Ford models to fit the wish lists and demands of our customers near Ardick and Townsend. That being said, our services extended far beyond simply providing our expertise and knowledge of the car buying process. If your check engine light illuminates while driving your RV near Brunswick or Little St Simmons Island and you think you’ll need repairs in the near future, think of us here at Monumental Ford in Darien, GA.

While you’re in the area, be sure to check out some interesting places such as the Fort King George State Historic Site which served a southern outpost for the colonial British Empire in the early 18th century. Then, take a quick trip to the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation to walk the historic grounds and take in the robust and striking wilderness.

Choose Us Here at Monumental Ford for Detailed and Quick RV Repairs and Services

We take pride in holding ourselves up to the high standards of the Ford manufacturer. We’re always striving to improve our practices. Don’t believe us? Just ask drivers near White Oak and Amelia Island who keep praising our dealership. We’re big on word of mouth around here. So know that when we say we’ll have you back out on the roads in your repaired RV in as little time as possible we mean it!

Don’t wait any longer. It’s never a sound idea to continue driving your vehicle if you think there’s a mechanical or electrical issue. Reach out at (855) 481-0311 to set up an appointment or simply drop by our dealership here at 13452 Highway 251, Darien, GA. We look forward to assisting you and getting your RV back in “vacation-mode” and ready to tackle the road ahead!

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